Fencing Equipment

Construction Fencing Panels

Day hire $4.50

Weekly hire $10.50

Panels 3m x 1.8m complete with poles and blocks.

Fencing Pliers

Min hire $10

Waratah Extractor

Min hire $15

Waratah Rammer

Min hire $15

Wire Strainers

Min hire $10

Wire Tension Spanner

Min hire $6.50

Waihi Hire are conveniently located on the corner of SH2 and Dean Crescent in Waihi.

Opening hours:
Mon - Fri, 7am until 5pm
Saturdays, 8am until 5pm
Sundays, closed.

We pride ourselves in supplying new, reliable and well maintained equipment, so if you need something to hire, please give us a call.

No Capital Outlay

No Registration

No Depreciation

No Servicing

No Maintenance

No Repairs

Well Maintained Equipment

Easy Job Costing

Easy Budgeting

Latest Equipment

100% Tax Deductible

Friendly Service